General Guidelines

If you have to ask it’s probably a bad idea. (Don’t do it)

    However here are some basic guidelines:
  • Let's all be mature here

  • (eg: avoid Racism,? ?Sexism,? ?Bullying,? ?Etc)
  • DO? ?NOT? misuse channels

  • (This includes playing music in Public? channels & Offensive channel names, etc..)
  • All users must be treated equally, as you wish to be treated in return

  • (Please avoid: Racism,? ?Sexism,? ?General? ?Bullying,? ?Etc)
  • Spamming is NOT? ?allowed

  • (This includes: Channel? ?hopping,? ?Name? ?changing, messaging,? ?Pokes,? ?etc)
  • Music bots are not to be in Public channels unless the channel is labeled for it.
  • Using ANY? ?form of VPN/Server/Proxy is NOT? ?ALLOWED?

  • (If you require use of a VPN please consult staff members)
  • Pornographic / NSFW / Explicit content MUST? ?BE? ?kept out of the public eye

  • (Unless done in a private channel or with explicit permission)
  • Using common? ?sense? is incredibly important
  • **Caleb Clause - If one does a Caleb an exception will be made and Caleb will need to understand why it was wrong.**

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